Strong-Point CF364 – Phillips Flat Head, Hi-Low, Notched Threads, Diamond Point, Blue Ceramic Coating, 3/16 x 4, Box of 1,000


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Part Number: CF364
Application: Attaches wood or metal to concrete, brick, cement block or masonry.


• Meets ASTM A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
• Product meets ASTM B-117 for salt spray corrosion testing


• Ceramic coating exceeds 500/hr. salt spray resistance
• Designed to work with ACQ treated lumber
• Notched threads for cutting into concrete, brick and cement block
• Diamond Point design for cutting and clearing debris during installation


Pre-drill hole a minimum of 1/4” deeper than concrete screw to be embedded with a carbide masonry drill bit. Use a standard screw gun set at a maximum of 2500 RPM drive speed recommended. Use a #2 Phillips drive bit. Fastener is properly installed when head sits flush with the work surface. Do not over torque as it can cause the head to snap or stripping of the recess. Installed fasteners must be embedded into concrete, brick, cement block or masonry a minimum of 1”.

Product Submittal: CF320_CF364

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Weight 22 lbs


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