Strong-Point N10325 – Slotted Indented Hex Washer Head, Zinc Plated, 10 x 2, 5/16″ A.F. #10 Head, Box of 2,000


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Part Number: N10325
Application: Attaches light gauge sheet metal to sheet metal or wood.


• Multipurpose sheet metal screw for light to medium gauge applications
• 22 degree point pierces light gauge metal
• Twin fast thread design creates faster installation speeds


• Meets ASTM A 510 for carbon steel manufacturing
• Meets ASTM B 633 for electrodeposited zinc coatings
• Meets ASTM F1941 for corrosion resistance


A 5/16” hex nut setter or 5/16” drive socket with torque limiting nose piece set at a minimum of 1400 RPM drive speed recommended. Do not over torque as it can cause the head to snap or stripping of the threads. Installed fasteners must penetrate a minimum of three full threads beyond the metal structure.

Product Submittal: N10085_N10325

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Weight 26 lbs


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